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Interested in teaching?

This is not your typical teaching gig...

I am looking for instructors to teach shorter classes, or mini-projects that can be based on an existing design that will fit within or closely to 2 hours. This retreats main focus is on sharing experience, education AND successful completion of class projects.

You can offer classes that will take longer than the 2 hours, but try to estimate the time to complete the project as closely as you can for a beginner. Also, if they need to know any specific techniques in advance or need any specialty tools make sure to include that in the project list.

You are not required to teach every day of the retreat, just a minimum of three 2 hour sessions. Plus, be available to answer questions. But you can take a class too! It's supposed to be fun for all of us!

There are no "official" class rooms, we will have the main ballroom, and a second banquet room, plus the hallways around both for our use. Instructors choose the area they want to set-up as their class area.

Once we have a chance to review your class submissions, if you're chosen, you will then register and pay the same as any participant to attend the retreat plus a donation for a door prize to be dropped off during registration.

In trade for teaching, you will receive a 6-foot table so you can set-up a trunk show. ONLY Instructors may sell at the retreat. PLUS, students will pay for the pattern (if they bring their own supplies), or kit, for any class you decide to teach. You keep 100% of all sales.

Minimum number of attendees is 65, maximum is 200.

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